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The Activities - Video Gallery

ART, music and theatre. Why we undertake the activities?

We acknowledge that to educate the sensibility of the child in the primary School is something always in function for all other subjects’ i.e it helps in comprehension of other subjects. This is because sensibility is the way through which the child begins to know and understand. For the child, the sensible and perceptible takes priority in the sense that it is prior the concept formation thus becoming the condition to pass from the concrete to the abstract Thus the Education of the sensible and the perceptible provokes the foretaste of the reality as the child develops in his character and the personality which makes it possible to learn and to discover his/ her potentiality.

Drama - Songs, Dances, Plays and Skits by Little Prince Pupils.

Annually in the occasion Christmas, the school prepares songs, dances and plays so as to bring awareness in the child about the important liturgical moments. The same activities are also prepared and performed for any other important and memorable occasion linked to the school. This is an occasion for the child to express himself/ herself. These activities involve all the classes and not a particular group


Nativity Play 2013 - Part 1

Nativity Play 2013 - Part II

Nativity Play 2013 - Part III

Nativity Play 2013 - Part IV

Trips/ outings

Trips and outings are organized for each class once a term. Places visited include historical sites e.g. museum, geographical sites, e.g. the mountains, the parks social and civil sites.

Churchil Show Visit to Little Prince

Trip to Lake Victoria


Visit by Microsoft Imagine Academy Experts

Sauti Sol Visit to Little Prince


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